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About Me

Dr. Susanne Arend - Business Psychologist

HR Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

PhD In Business Psychology (2005, University of Queensland, Australia)

Certified Coach and Member Of The DGSF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für systemische Beratung) – German Coaching Federation

I am passionate about enabling people and organisations to reach their potential!

The range of services I offer my clients includes Leadership, Management and Life Coaching, Team Development and Facilitation of Team Events, as well as Change Management and Project Management within a broader Organisational Development Context.

Business Psychologist

As a Business Psychologist I have consulted in the field of Human Resource Management and Business Psychology to a multitude of private and public organisations in Australia, Germany and France.

Past client list includes: The Hager Group, Airbus Group Australia Pacific, The Queensland Department of Main Roads, Queensland Health, Queensland Rail, Volkswagen Coaching, Lee Hecht Harrison, BHP and Rio Tinto.

PhD qualified in business psychology, I have a deep understanding of people at their workplaces. This is complemented by my corporate and operational HR Management experience, Leadership, and HR Consulting roles in various work settings and cultures. Overall, I have gathered a unique set of skills and experiences that benefit my diverse client base.

This enables me to support my clients in developing ‘big-picture’ corporate strategies through to practical tips and techniques that help people in their daily work contexts. I have a track record in designing and implementing practical strategies that are grounded in science and proven in practice. Depending on the client’s needs I can take on different roles – whether as formal advisor, as an informal sounding board, or actively supporting team efforts to get things done.

How will I work with you or your organisation?

When working with you – as Consultant, Coach or Trainer – I will offer you my undivided attention. I will be your partner from the start to the completion of a project. The benefits for my clients are that – where necessary – they will not receive off the shelve products but a consultancy, coaching or training that fits their unique situation. Unlike large consulting houses, I am unlikely to follow pre-defined processes to ‘pump’ you through a quick-fix programme. Instead, the process that I follow is determined by your pain points & business needs – aimed at a sustainable and well-suited outcome.


To complement my skill set and remain up-to-date I have completed a 2-year intensive programme called, ‘Training Program as Professional Coach,’ the coaching qualifications necessary to gain membership to the DGSF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemische Beratung – Germany’s leading Coaching Association). As a coach I combine my incisive analytical skills with a repertoire of coaching tools to create a challenging coaching context that facilitates personal and professional growth processes.

Further Training

I enjoy learning new skills and applying these in my consulting contexts. Therefore, I have undergone workshops and trainings in the MiniMax method (visualisation techniques within coaching settings), Train the Trainer, and group facilitation and moderation techniques.

Life experience

To my repertoire of skills and knowledge I can add a solid chunk of life experience. I have had a number of life changes and challenges, have celebrated successes and suffered set-backs.

For example I have mastered working, living and studying in different cultures.
I have dealt with managing career and motherhood (here I refined my time management, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, while maintaining a sense of humour!). I have undertaken consulting, training, coaching and teaching assignments within different cultural contexts, managed teams and dealt with conflict situations, and (more that one) difficult manager.

My Network

As a sole operator I make sure to maintain a large network of professional friends and associations, visit conferences, attend workshops and seminars. This gives me inspiration and insights, keeps up my skill set and challenges me to review my processes and approaches – sometimes even forcing me to take up a coaching session to change my focus when needed!


I maintain high levels of transparency on the cost and effort involved in any project that I am engaged in and review these with my clients on a regular basis.