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Coaching Programmes

Creative coaching programmes that inspire change
I have proven coaching skills and I am a certified ‘sytemic’ coach with clients from a range of industries and levels of seniority within an international context. My speciality is in unlocking the hidden value within people and teams by changing the way people think by changing their focus.

To offer you the best possible coaching experience I develop a trusting and constructive relationship with you in order to create a space where I can challenge your existing thinking and create the stretch needed for you to gain new insights and effect positive change. All one-on-one coaching is highly customised to your specific needs.

I offer face to face, telephone or coaching services over Skype.

For more ideas on the possible coaching sessions I could offer you please continue reading:

Leadership Coaching

Operating at the highest level of the organisation leaders encounter complex challenges that require well-thought through responses and strategies.

I use a repertoire of creative coaching tools that challenge existing thinking and offers the space for new and creative solutions, new ways of thinking and framing existing beliefs in order to transform your leadership potential.

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As senior leaders are you:

  • dealing with complex business challenges
  • initiating career changes and challenges and taking new career steps
  • developing creative ideas to improve organisational effectiveness
  • desire to improve personal effectiveness to deal with complexity and ambiguity
  • setting and reaching ambitious career and life goals
  • gaining clarity for complex challenges within and external to the work context
  • accelerating success on a personal and professional level

if you are facing challenges with any of the above, get in touch! Gain clarity and ….change focus!

Management Coaching

Managers operate at the intercept of business imperatives, strategy execution, team expectations and team performance, plus their personal career demands and ambitions.

Together we work towards increased effectiveness, broadening your thinking, identifying and building strengths, and setting and achieving challenging goals.

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I often meet managers who struggle with:

  • mastering personal and professional challenges
  • managing self and others
  • developing high performing teams
  • managing performance issues within teams
  • managing motivational issues with staff members
  • seeking personal and professional growth

Sounds like you? Get in touch, gain clarity and ….change focus!

Life Coaching

People sometimes find themselves in difficult life situations that they experience as overwhelming and emotionally demanding.

I will guide you through this challenging life stage and together we develop solutions and strategies that build on your strengths and resources to deal with these life situations. My goal is to assist you to enhance your life experience and well-being and get through this difficult life stage with renewed energy.

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These could be life challenges that many people might be facing at some stage of their lives:

  • personal challenges such as job change, promotion, parenthood, trying to achieve work-life balance
  • negotiating the conflicting demands between home and work
  • managing family issues and parenting challenges
  • desire to achieve personal changes – re-entry to work after parenthood
  • initiating professional and career changes
  • dealing with ongoing stress & work pressures, feeling burnt out, etc.
  • managing work relocations and dealing with new work settings effectively
  • managing and dealing with conflict pro-actively
  • transitioning into retirement – planning next steps