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Change Management

Managing HR- and Change Projects

Change Management &
Project Management

I offer short-term project management support for organisational development or change management projects from conception to completion. I guide and support you through your change process, ensuring that change initiatives are successful across the whole business.

Developing HR Strategies for your business

I provide you with in-depth HR knowledge and guidance to help you make the optimal HR decisions and implement HR strategies that fit your organisation.

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These are some of the organisational changes you might encounter:

  • changes to people’s roles and responsibilities due to broader organisational changes
  • changes in team composition and team dynamics
  • introduction of new technology and resulting process and role changes
  • management and leadership changes
  • changes in performance expectations (e.g. matrix organisation and focus on project management)
  • changes in reporting structures and collaborations

Organisational Changes

Organisational changes are often done to gain better efficiencies, more productivity or achieve strategic goals. Quite often, however, organisations don’t reap the full benefits of their initiated changes due to poorly executed processes. Some often lack consultation, engagement or communication with the organisation, indeed the ‘soft’ elements of organisational change are often forgotten.

How can I help?

I can help facilitate an effective change process within your organisation that achieves your goals, bringing everyone ‘on-board.’ I employ a range of creative tools, techniques and methods that embed the change in the organisation and help make it stick. I will encourage and challenge your management to think creatively and act courageously, and, guide your staff avoiding resistance to the change.

I will develop change strategies that achieve your desired change state. Through an in-depth consultancy process I help you identify barriers that could lead to change resistance, then methods to overcome these and build a momentum for change. I will ensure a successful transition from the old status quo to the new improved organisation!

Step-by-Step Process could include:

  • analysis of the intended change (e.g. organisation wide process changes to gain efficiencies, changes in customer base, changes in technology, introduction of new HR or finance processes, legislative changes and associated impact on processes and procedures).Global comparison of the current situation with the desired/new situation.
  • analysis of the people within the organisation that are affected by the change and the impact of the change on them. Who is or isn’t on board?
  • Working out communication plans and action plans around the change process for all stakeholders.
  • Implementing the change and embedding the change in the organisation.
  • Reviewing the change process and making adjustments accordingly. These could be adjustments to processes or procedures. It might also mean assisting targeted groups within the organisation that are slow in taking up the change process.