Business Psychologist | Team Coaching, Team Building & Facilitated Team Events
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Team Coaching, Team Building & Facilitated Team Events

Strengthening the team, inspiring change and team spirit

Team Building And Team Coaching

Teams are at the heart of the organisation. High performing teams help create long-lasting, sustainable business outcomes. I work with teams in building the dynamics that help them master the challenges of team work and working together effectively.

This involves gathering and integrating differing perspectives, reviewing team processes and communication to create a long-lasting team spirit with positive outcomes on people’s morale, motivation, well-being, problem solving and, importantly, performance.

Some of the benefits of team building or team coaching are:

  • better understanding of different roles and responsibilities within the team, understanding of people’s strengths and their unique contribution to the team effort.
  • understanding the weaker links in the team and identifying strategies to help them improve
  • creation of a team spirit and cohesiveness with a common goal and agreed upon processes and behaviours.
  • improved team morale, processes and communication, performance and productivity gains.

Facilitated Team Events

Feeling frustrated by team meetings? Team meetings often take up more time than desired, sometimes resulting in conflict or frustrations by the team members and rarely produce the intended outcome.

This can be avoid by engaging an external consultant who keeps the team efforts on track and ensures an efficient process that helps the team to achieve their goal. Facilitated team events are useful when the team has a specific goal they want to achieve on that day, e.g. designing new operational or strategic plan, process review and adjustments.

Benefits of a facilitation by an external consultant are:

  • all team members can focus on the content of the session (not distracted by taking notes or facilitating)
  • external person keeps track of the process and team focuses on their content
  • external person can guide and facilitate objective discussions and keep the focus on the task at hand.

How does it work?

1. Team Coaching/Team Building: First I’ll conduct a thorough consultation process and will meet with the team leader and / or HR Manager to discuss the reasons for the team coaching /team building need. At this stage all the information about the team is important to make an assessment of the current situation. Team coaching need not only happen when things ‘go wrong’ – it can be a regular exercise for the team to keep efforts on track, for the team member to remain connected, or integrate new team members. The team coaching/building programme will be designed with the needs of the team in mind……sometimes all that it needs is a change in focus!

2. How long would I work with your team?

Similar to my coaching goals, my aim is to work towards team goal hat are achievable and processes and dynamics that are sustainable and suit the team and its tasks. Sometimes, teams manage to embed changes quickly while others require more time and reviews to streamline their processes and work on their team dynamics. This often is a dynamic process and I will support and guide you through this process.

Team Facilitation: A similar consultative approach will precede the team moderation exercise. The difference here is that the facilitation is usually focused on a particular team goal. This could include designing new processes, working out operational or strategic plans, conducting annual team reviews or conducting effective team meetings.

At the end of each process the team will take away an action plan that enables the execution of the set goals. A review meeting or process can be organised to ensure that all team members fulfil their actions according to the plan.